Why I’m Voting For Trump After All 

​Well, it’s down to the wire. Every day brings a new crop of yeshe’srougharoundtheedgesbutHillary apologies from evangelicals, along with an increasing number of #nevertrump defectors. Twice I’ve written thorough and tedious explanations for why I can’t vote for Trump, and twice discarded them as too long to be useful. But tomorrow is the day. It’s one thing to argue principles and political theory; it’s quite another to stand in a voting booth and contemplate the end of a free society while facing a decision of this magnitude. I’m fully aware of what hangs on this vote: four decades of the Supreme Court, the lives of millions of unborn infants, the fates of fifty thousand desperate refugees, my gun, and the Kingdom of God. It’s all rather overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time, holding the future in my hand like this. So as I make this final choice, here’s my best shot at a brief flash of exhibitionism. Consider it the closest I can get to a ballot selfie.

First, I’m voting for Republican nominees to the Supreme Court. Since it was Republican nominated majorities who gave us Roe v. Wade (the right to infanticide), NFIB v. Sebelius (Obamacare upheld), Obergefell v. Hodges (same-sex marriage), and a host of other constitutional monstrosities, it would be a gross injustice to take control of the court away from Republicans, after more than sixty years, just when they are on the cusp of mending their ways and making everything better.We owe them the chance to clean up their mess. Also, forgiveness, grace and all that.

Next, I’m voting for life. I know that both candidates have been vocal proponents of infanticide right up to the moment of birth for essentially their entire adult lives. But only Trump has recognized the political advantage in switching sides. Only Trump has come to understand that, given the chance, that precious aborted girl might have grown up to be a nine, even a ten. Among Republicans, only Trump had the courage last summer to stand up for Planned Parenthood when they were under fire for selling murdered baby parts … wait … that’s not a reason to … I think I’m getting off track …

Oh, yes – refugees. As a Christian, I’ve always believed that we are called to welcome the stranger, shelter the fleeing slave, and extend a hand to the opressed, persecuted, helpless and homeless. But surely that doesn’t include folks from the Middle East, with their traditional views of marriage, quaint and repressive standards of modesty and their fundamental belief that God is greater than the state. No, if God is going to make America great again, he needs us to keep those kinds of people at ocean’s length. I am voting for safety and the preservation of the American way of life, because our version of rebellion against the Creator is exceptional.

Then there’s the issue of muh firearms. I don’t really have an excuse here, friends. Somewhere in between Trump’s narcissism, his criminal ignorance of world affairs, his economic illiteracy, his robust admiration of brutal dictators, his dog-like social behavior, his bullying approach to critics, his unforgiveable sense of entitlement to the Presidency and that awful yellow comb-over, I must have lost sight of this all-important matter. But with the moment of decision upon us, as I ask myself, in accordance with the essential ritual of evangelical augury, “What would Phil Robertson do?” the answer is clear as daylight. I’m voting for muh guns.

Last but not least, as the most recent issue of World Magazine gravely reminds us, the Kingdom of God itself is at stake. Accepting this has required a real shift in my thinking. See, we know that Christ is building His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. In light of that assurance, I’ve always seen Hillary Clinton as a bit player in the game, a lesser child of greater sires among the forces of darkness, barely noteworthy in the ranks of an already defeated Enemy. But recently, thinking back to the last Clinton administration, I’ve been reminded of just how devastating that was – how the worldwide advance of the Kingdom ground to a halt, while evangelical leaders, bereft of responsibilities and idled for lack of anything worth leading, were forced to spend 96 long months begging for money on television. That, brothers and sisters, must not happen again. The gates of hell may crumble at a Word from our God, but HRC is a unique weapon that will require all the combined forces  of gods and men to overcome. Instead of the world, the flesh and the devil against believers, it’s now the world, the flesh, and the church against the Democrats. These are truly perilous times.

We cannot risk another four years of Bill Clinton in the White House. Better far to give his groping buddy, long time friend and Clinton Foundation donor a shot at restoring high moral standards and integrity to the office of the High Priest.

For all these reasons, I have reluctantly decided to join the crowds on the broad way to political survival. Trump 2016!

In closing, allow me to add this Prophetic Word from One Kings 22:15 to the clamor of the multitude: Go up, Mein Drumpf, and prosper, for the Lord will deliver them into your hand!

Edit: the original version of this post referred to Trump as former president Bill Clinton’s groping buddy. It probably should have said “golfing buddy.”


About Patrick G. Kocher
Patrick G. Kocher is a liberty minded Republican activist from southeast PA. He is a constitutionalist and history junkie whose political thinking is heavily influenced by Jefferson, Madison, Bastiat, Hayek and, most recently, Ron Paul. A committed Christian, Patrick is a member of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. He and his wife, Georgina, live in Chester County, PA with their four children.

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