Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

I just heard another news segment sympathizing with poor Francois Hollande over the “completely unexpected kiss-and-tell revenge memoir” published three months ago by Valerie Trierweiler. “Yes,” I thought, “poor Francois indeed. What is the world coming to, when even something as sacred as a non-committal relationship with a scorned mistress can be exposed to the prying eyes and sordid gossip of an unholy world?”

Seriously now, I don’t exactly sympathize with Ms. Trierweiler either. It should have been no surprise that a relationship, begun in betrayal on both sides, should have ended in betrayal on his. But if we are indeed entering a troubling new era for men like Hollande – if society’s casual indifference to marriage commitments is spreading even to the use-and-discard relationships he seems to favor – if even a scorned mistress cannot be trusted to keep the secrets of her scorner’s bed – and if, for whatever reason, this is all catching Don Juans everywhere off guard and leaving them unsure of just how to avoid becoming the next statistic in the growing trend – then perhaps a few suggestions from long ago and far away will not be out of place.

(Disclaimer: these ideas are not original. This post has not been inspired by my impending anniversary. Any credit for the success of my own marriage belongs to God and my wife. I offer these tips in my usual role as a helpfully obnoxious history buff, not as a relationship expert. Following this strategy will not guarantee marital bliss; over the centuries, however, it has proven a highly effective way to protect men from becoming victims of the revenge memoir.)

Choose one (1) woman. (If you haven’t yet taken this step,  then choose carefully. If you have, never look back.)

Convince her that you are worthy of her.

Commit yourself to her for life. Marry her.

Love her like there is no tomorrow. Love her because you chose her.

Never, ever compare her to another woman. You chose her; now keep choosing her, every day. Make sure she knows that she will always be your choice.

Don’t stop. The best things in life are never easy.

If you do this, and she still blindsides you someday with a “revenge memoir” I promise to feel very sorry for you. But the odds are that she won’t.


About Patrick G. Kocher
Patrick G. Kocher is a liberty minded Republican activist from southeast PA. He is a constitutionalist and history junkie whose political thinking is heavily influenced by Jefferson, Madison, Bastiat, Hayek and, most recently, Ron Paul. A committed Christian, Patrick is a member of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. He and his wife, Georgina, live in Chester County, PA with their four children.

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